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View Cart #2 StickPic for Black Diamond With SHORT flex tips

PLEASE read this before placing your order for all Black Diamond trekking poles.



The Z -poles series now come with Black Diamond Short Flex tips like shown in the Pictures on the left. You should order the #2 StickPic if this is the case.  The Original Z-pole series come with a very short tip that are less than 1 inch long.

#2 StickPic for Black Diamond With SHORT flex tips Only $16.99

Black Diamond has 3 different size carbide tips. LONG or SHORT Flex tips and the new tips for the Z-pole series.

 It’s important to choose the proper size StickPic# for your particular trekking poles.

#6 StickPic for Black Diamond With SHORT tips

Important Notice

Rod is  going hiking Nov 10 - 24 and all orders will  be processed when I get back on Nov 25th