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Screw the StickPic at least 1 -2 full turns into the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera. STOP when the words “The StickPic” is facing the front of the camera. While holding the StickPic in one hand, turn the black jam nut counter clockwise until it firmly makes contact with the bottom of the camera.

Wipe away any dirt, water, or grime from the ends of the trekking pole. Ensure it is clean and dry.

While holding the StickPic and camera in one hand, slide the tip of the trekking pole into the StickPic. Firmly wedge the tip of the trekking pole into the StickPic using a slight left and right twisting motion. The tips of all trekking poles are tapered which makes it easy to slide the StickPic on and off with a twisting motion. The StickPic is made from a very strong plastic and will not break!

Attach the camera' wrist strap to the top of the trekking pole basket. This will act as a safety link.

Set the camera self timer for about 5 seconds. Extend the trekking pole in front of you and point the camera in your general direction.

Don’t forget to SMILE! Viola! A self portrait. After a few test shots, you will become an expert.

“Practice makes Perfect”.