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I never though of selling trekking poles along with the StickPic, until I saw this very unique trekking pole.  

A normal trekking pole can only be extended approximately 5 feet. The Clip Stick is great because it can be extended 9 feet for those great StickPic shots.  Now, very large group shots are possible as well as high aerial shots. The possibilities are endless!

This Clip Stick is normally used by rock climbers and you can read more about it here.  Hikers and backpackers can use it for bear bagging your food up a high branch, steam crossing, avalanche probe or has a tent pole.  The possibilities are endless!

Limited time SPECIAL OFFER Includes 1 StickPic which fits the Clip Stick. Only $69.00 including FREE USPS  shipping In the USA only

ClipStick Plus the #2 StickPic —

3 different ways to pay

ON SALE Was 79.00 Now only $69.00