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The StickPic in a word is "awesome", it’s amazing something so simple in concept can add so much enjoyment to an outdoor adventure. While designed for a smaller compact digital camera, with a little care, it works quite well with medium sized DSLRs. My own experience is with a Canon S5 IS weighing is at about 550 g (19.4 oz). With care it was certainly stable enough to take Pictures with little fear of the camera falling from its mount.  A Canon FS100 video camera (yes you can mount a video camera for video journaling!) was extremely stable and weighs in at 261g (9.2oz). The bottom line is the StickPic allow self portraits and camera angles limited only by your imagination. There really is no reason not to buy one and start sharing your adventures with others.

-Steve aka EvilGemini

Use your Iphone with the StickPic!

Go to for more details