The StickPic is ideal for taking self-portraits

Q. Who is Rod ?

A. Just an ordinary guy who likes backpacking.

Q. How much does the StickPic weigh?

A. Since we make six different sizes to fit most trekking poles, the average weight is only 10.8 grams.

Q. I don't know what 10.8 grams look like? Can you describe it?

A. Yes, it's about the same as 3 1/2 Saltine non-salted crackers.

Q. Will the StickPic fit my trekking poles?

A. We have a running list of trekking poles that will work with the StickPic here. If you don't see your trekking poles on the list, don't worry. We can make a custom made StickPic at no extra charge then add it to the list. Just contact us and let us know.

Q. Will the StickPic fit my camera?

A. Most cameras sold in North America have a standard tripod socket on the bottom of the camera that accepts a standard 1/4 -20 threaded screw. If you bought your camera overseas, you might have a metric tripod socket. Don't worry, we can make one that fit these cameras too.

Q. How long will it take to attach the StickPic to my camera?

A. About 10 seconds

Q. If I want to use the StickPic to take 1 Picture, how long will it take and how easy is it to do it?

A. After a little practice, it will only take you less than 1 minute to attach the StickPic to your camera, attach it to your trekking pole, set the timer, and take the Picture. It's that easy. Remember ..."Practice Makes Perfect."

Q. Can I leave the StickPic on my camera?

A. Sure, why not? This way you’re only seconds from taking that great self portrait!

Q. Do I really need to attach the wrist strap to the trekking pole?

A. It's highly recommended. This way you‘ll feel safe with your camera hanging over a stream or hanging over a cliff while taking the shot.

Weren't you two guys at the ADZ Kickoff in 2008?

A. Yes we were. At the K.O., we gave away more than 150 of our original designed StickPics to 2008 PCT thru hikers that attended the KO. Free of charge.

What do you mean, you gave them away for FREE?

A. We know that nobody can test gear better than a PCT thru hiker. These guys and gals count every single gram since they have to carry it for the next 3000 miles in the next 5-6 months from Mexico to Canada. The only thing we asked, was to give us some honest feedback and suggestions for future improvements.

How can I get one of your StickPics for a gear review?

A. Contact us here. Let's talk about it.