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July 1, 2010 Backpacker Magazine – Online Exclusive Gear Review: The StickPic. “Turn your trekking pole into a tripod with this inexpensive, lightweight accessory.“ - Joel Nyquist


”37 years young. Scott Williamson and I share the Pacific Crest Trail all out speed record. We set the record August 12th 2009 in an alpine fashion.

They stayed in touch every step of the way through the order so StickPic is a company I feel comfortable recommending to people to do business with online. I think Rod Java will exceed your expectations with his customer service.”

- Adam Bradley

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“A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut, but even a European swallow should have no trouble carrying the StickPic around. This thing is TINY!”

- David Wilkes

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“The StickPic works well at capturing the moment, and makes it easy to take "there we were" Pictures when nobody else is around. As such, it's a valuable tool and I plan to continue carrying it. I would replace it if I lost it. It's great!”

- Hollis Easter

“The StickPic is a tiny, ultralight and purely awesome camera mount designed for trekking pole use to allow a hiker to take a self-portrait. This is one of those things where you just say, "why didn't I think of that?"

- Mark Mc Laughlin


“Every once in a while, an invention comes along that is so simple and perfect, you slap your head in one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. When I first slid the Stick Pic onto the end of my trekking pole, I immediately recognized its potential to fill a need I had been wanting for years.”

- Jason Klass

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"I love my StickPic!" - Brian Green


"I like the StickPic very much and would recommend it to everybody who wants to shoot more photos of himself while on the trail!"

Mini Bull Design


"This is very well thought out and definitely going into Tinny pack. It's a good setup, I'm very impressed."


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"I have been playing with the StickPic in two versions, a beta version and the newest version - and after playing with it I can say it is fun, fun, fun!"

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"It’s one of those things that makes one wonder why no one ever thought of it before."

- John R. Ghyse

Backpack Report


“Susan and I have backpacked about three thousand miles the last few years, but have less than a half dozen shots of the two of us on the trail. Thanks to StickPic we now take some on every backpack.”




“If you’ve ever fought the wind at a summit, trying to set your camera up for a self-portrait – you’ll appreciate the idea behind the StickPic. This simple gadget slides onto the end of your hiking pole. Attach your camera to the threaded screw, set the timer, hold the pole at arm’s length – and presto! You have an awesome Picture.”

- Megan Kopp