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https://treksumo  I'd better introduce myself. My name is James. I'm a former soldier and in my spare time  I run https://treksumo.com,  (there's two of us writing, my friend Jake is the word wizard and I stumble about woods and trails embarrassing myself!)

https://www.outdoorsgenerations.com/backpacking-beginners/ A comprehensive guide to backpacking.

https://wildlandtrekking.com/blog/ - some great hiking blogs, advice and more

https://www.buyrope.co.uk/hiking-safety-resources/ - I thought this list of hiking safety resources could be also useful for your readers

https://www.wirefence.co.uk/camping-safety-printables/ - free camping safety pintables

www.kayakudos.com/kayak-camping-packing/ Great kayaking website. http://www.gearweare.com/ A Great gear review website

blogspot.com - Adam Bradley, PCT World Record holder

                                    Hikinginfinland.com- Hiking in Finland blog

Podcacher.com- Geocaching podcast

Gossamergear.com - backpacking gear

hammockforums.net - your number one hammock community

geartalkwithjasonklass.com - lightweight backpacking blog

lighthiker.wordpress.com - lightweight backpacking blog

backpackgeartest.org - web site that tests and rates backpacking gear

apeqs.com - gear review

technology-report.com - freewheeling look at gadgets and technology

backpack45.com - focused on backpacking, Camino de Santiago, Pacific Crest Trail, John Muir Trail, Women's Adventure and Pilgrimage Trails in France

bellaonline.com - the voice of women

sectionhiker.com - backpacking blog

beyondbasecamp.com - Southern California backpacking group that is all about adventure and partying!

campcomfort.typepad.com - camping gear blog

briangreen.net - backpacking blog

pig-monkey.com - hiking blog

walk2650.com - pct thru hiking blog

tonyswash.com - blog

ericlarsenexplore.com - Polar explorer Eric Larsen

whiteblaze.net - AT hiking forum

trailplace.com - hiking forum

pct77.org/adz - pct thru hiking

minibulldesigns.com - alcohol stoves

- backpacking food ideas

ula-equipment.com - backpacking gear

walkpct.com - dvd documentaries about the pct

onepanwonders.com - backpacking meal ideas

adventurebuddies.net - learn to use trekking poles correctly

backpackinglight.co.uk - great website in the UK for all your backpacking gear